Update on Orphan Run 2012

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Orphan Run on June 1, 2012! On-line race results can be found here and pics from the run can be seen on the Project Hope Worldwide facebook page here.

Amazingly, we had over 1,000 registrants for our event - practically unheard of for a "first time race". Thanks to your generous giving, construction will take place soon on another home at Calo Me Lare (a.k.a. "Village of Redemption"), the orphanage that Project Hope Worldwide built in Lira, Uganda. The home will house eight children and one widowed house mother - providing them hope for a better future.

Now that you know about Project Hope Worldwide, your family might like to consider sponsoring a child living at Calo Me Lare. When you sponsor a child, you actually have the chance to develop a relationship with them half a world away! You can send them letters and small gifts - and they always write you back. Your contribution provides them shelter, food, schooling, and medical care.With child sponsorship, you not only help the child you are sponsoring, but your family is blessed, as well. As we see what little they posses, yet they are very happy, it teaches us to be content and thankful for what we have and you feel joy knowing that you are truly making a difference. 48 children are now living at Calo Me Lare and 16 more are getting ready to move in this fall. There is a huge need for child sponsorships, so please consider this for your family. Sponsorship levels begin at $19 a month and go up. For more information, please go here.

 See you next year for Orphan Run 2013!

"Your hand, Your help, Their hope!"

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